Big Chef Grill was created to showcase the art of the renowned “gaucho” barbecue style. Agustin Conti was raised with the traditional family cooking of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil, gaucho country. He is a master of flame-grilling and dedicated to bringing this traditional culinary art to customers.

The cuts of his meats are tender and juicy in the mouth-watering style of great traditional Brazilian barbecue. The quality of his specialties, from steak to pork ribs to sausage, is the result of an intense commitment to precision throughout the cooking process.

Starting with the selection of only the best charcoal to start the fire, Agustin waits until the fire reaches the optimal temperature to put the skewers on the grill. This process ensures every bite is tender, juicy, and delicious—the authentic gaucho barbecue experience.


The main course of Rio Grande do Sul’s gaucho cuisine is arguably the barbecue. Originating in the remote lands south of Brazil, the flame-grilled style of barbecuing with skewers comes from a tradition that dates back more than three centuries in Rio Grande do Sul.

The chefs who put barbecue on the map were the gauchos, the cowboys of Argentina and Brazil. When they made camp, they would gather together and start a wood-burning fire.

Once the fire turned into golden embers, large portions of prime meat were skewered and slowly cooked to perfection. Using knives, which they wore on their belts, they sliced thin and succulent pieces of meat in succession onto each person’s plate, a tradition Agustin continues today.


From early days, Chef Conti knew about his passion for gastronomy, son of a great roaster, his greatest pleasure was to bring together family and friends to enjoy a delicious BBQ.

With an important role in the formation of the state’s cultural identity, the BBQ is one of the greatest traditions of the region. The term 'barbecue' has become synonymous with socializing and well prepared meat.

And this is the intent of Big Chef Grill, now located in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to prepare the traditional gaucho BBQ and serve in the comfort of your home, or any type of celebration.